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Sleep and CPAP Guide

Medicare and CPAP Equipment

Medical equipment can be expensive to replace, especially if Medicare or your insurance provider isn't helping pay for it. CPAP equipment is no different, however Medicare does have specific guidelines for CPAP supplies. While the replacement schedule below has been set up by Medicare, it may or may not be used by your insurance. If you have private insurance, be sure you know their schedule before purchasing CPAP equipment.

  • 30-day replacement items: full face cushions, nasal cushion, replacement pillow, CPAP tubing and disposable filters.
  • 90-day replacement items:  full face masks, CPAP masks, and oral interfaces.
  • 180-day replacement items:  CPAP headgear, CPAP chinstrap and non-disposable filters
  • 5-year replacement items:  heated humidifiers and CPAP machines

Some of these items may have unnecessary replacement schedules. For example, no one needs new tubing every 30 days unless an emergency comes up. Be sure to check with your CPAP equipment supplier and get their recommendations for a replacement schedule. Their schedule may be more realistic, though sticking to Medicare's replacement schedule is suggested if they are your sole provider to prevent unnecessary costs.