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Breathe Easy Program

Convenient Respiratory Care

Wakefield Medical’s Breathe Easy Program provides convenience for both the doctors we provide equipment to and their patients that use it. By equipping doctors with high quality respiratory products, we allow them to better help their patients with their respiratory related issues.

How Breathe Easy Works

When a patient comes to see you, you can prescribe any of the equipment the program provides. The patient then leaves with the equipment “in hand,” which has two benefits. First, it allows you and your staff to make sure the patient is using their equipment correctly before they leave. It also allows the patient to go straight home and begin treatment instead of making additional stops or waiting for a product to be delivered.

From there, all your office has to do is complete the required paperwork for the products you gave the patient, as well as their insurance paperwork. For patients that do not have insurance, we supply you with a discounted out-of-pocket price chart for whatever products they need. Once a week we call your office to restock your equipment and Breathe Easy forms.

Assistance and Available Equipment

We are on-call 24/7 to assist with oxygen related emergencies and questions with nebulizers. The Respiratory Therapist we have on staff can answer specific questions you or your patients may have.

We offer the following products through the Breathe Easy Program:

  • Respironics Portable Mini Elite Nebulizer
  • Respironics Optichamber
  • Respironics High Flow Peak Flow Meter
  • Respironics Asthma Pack (includes optichamber and peak flow meter)

To take advantage of this beneficial and convenient program, contact us today!